Saplings is designed for grades 1-5.  As children learn and grow they become more aware of their environment, develop complex social skills, and ask a zillion questions.  Our goal with this age group has several areas of focus.

A.) A Deeper understanding of God’s word.

When the children transition into this age group they have already begun learning to read.  They are now able to use a simple Children’s Bible and can begin to learn how to explore God’s word for themselves.  Beginning with the basics, here we begin to dig deeper and learn to apply God’s word to our daily lives.   Each lesson is given in a conduct response model.  The children are encouraged and given examples on how to use what they learned in their daily lives; both at home and school, as well as; encouraged to share each week how they used it.

Each week a memory verse is given to complement the lesson they children are encouraged to learn this verse and are given rewards for doing so.  Once they know God’s word in their hearts no one can ever take that away and it encourages them to live a life filled with Christ.

B.)  Bible Knowledge

Here we are re-enforce that the Bible is God’ s Holy and Perfect Word.  It contains no errors and is the ultimate resource for everyday life.  We begin with knowing each book of the Bible, where it is located, who wrote it, and what was it’s purpose or theme.




We are currently using Kingdom Quest Curriculum. It speaks the language of kids: FUN! Why shouldn’t learning be highly participatory and fun…especially at church? It utilizes hands-on learning aimed at multiple senses and learning styles.

It’s highly RELATIONAL. The entire lesson to small group leaders who help kids discover the truth of God’s word.

It uses CREATIVE presentation techniques. When all the kids from the ages grouped together come to watch the Bible event, it might be a story tell presentation, interactive drama, or even video clip. Puppets help set up the lesson.

It is JESUS-CENTERED. All lessons point to the main theme of the Bible: God’s rescue for us through His Son Jesus.

It has a BROAD BIBLICAL SCOPE. Look closely at the scope and sequence and you will see how thorough and well balanced the 10 year scope and sequence is

A complete 4 year Scope and Sequence Plan can be viewed here!