SPROUTS is our newest addition to the Children’s Ministry age group.  This group is designed to be hands on through interactive story time and play.   These little ones range from ages 2 to 5, and are a sheer delight; as they learn and discover new things about Jesus, God, and the world in which God created just for them.

When deciding on group names for each of our age groups; we wanted to stick as close to our church name as possible.  Sprout, by definition means, to begin to grow and shoot forth.  From a seed, a sprout begins to grow and develop quickly and that is just what this age group does.  From the moment of birth, babies begin to grow, learn, and explore at exceptional rates.  Our goal is to begin an introduction to the Bible as God’s Holy Word.  His word is truth and is prefect for all of life challenges and victories.   Here we begin the foundation for a life long relationship with Christ.

We are currently using Kingdom Quest Curriculum. It speaks the language of kids: FUN! Why shouldn’t learning be highly participatory and fun…especially at church? It utilizes hands-on learning aimed at multiple senses and learning styles.

It’s highly RELATIONAL. The entire lesson to small group leaders who help kids discover the truth of God’s word.

It uses CREATIVE presentation techniques. When all the kids from the ages grouped together come to watch the Bible event, it might be a story tell presentation, interactive drama, or even video clip. Puppets help set up the lesson.

It is JESUS-CENTERED. All lessons point to the main theme of the Bible: God’s rescue for us through His Son Jesus.

It has a BROAD BIBLICAL SCOPE. Look closely at the scope and sequence and you will see how thorough and well balanced the 10 year scope and sequence is.

A complete 2 year Scope and Sequence can be viewed by clicking the links below.

Ages 2-3

Ages 4-5

 Lessons Can be Viewed Here!